Microfiction #2: A Love Story

Photo by rikka ameboshi from Pexels

“Somewhere there’s a place for us… a time, a place for us…”

It was the radio. The only sound to be heard in the house. It was dusk. She was sure it was dusk.

She gazed at a ceiling and long for a calling. For something to do. For something to enjoy. Well, the music radio’s nice — she thought. Then she heard a violent knock at a door. Though it would be strange and terrifying for a normal person, it wasn’t. She didn’t think twice, she emotionlessly turned the doorknob. Opened it without a smile, without a surprised face. All of a sudden, it was black and white as she saw the face of a man. It was a madman. He was carrying a gun. He pointed his pistol to her head. Shot.

And just like that, she was dead. The madman pointed the gun on his head. The last bullet ended his life. Two corpses in the threshold of an empty house. And there was then, the only sound.

“…hold my hand and I’ll take you there.”

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