A Hard-to-Swallow Pill for Success

Photo from Pixabay

What if I tell you there is a pill for success?

I do poetry onstage. I absorb emotions from my piece and fire away. I look like a madman over there but I usually don’t mind, I just do my thing. Post-embarrassment is inevitable though, and there would be some mocks and laughs short after. Moreover, insidious self-criticism takes over after a week of reminiscing the very moment, and it’s going to tear me up.

Embarrassment gradually pays-off though, as I win something out of them sometimes—after acquiring improvement slowly but effectively over time.

And significantly, after I decided to take this certain “pill” before and after every performances.

See, I learned that the only thing that held me back from an amazing show is myself. I lay at the fact that someone watched my every move and every progress, and essentially every fail. I am coward as I fear, what I call MCD—mocks, criticism and disapproval. But, ladies and gents, this is the very pill we should take.

I can’t help but put these onstage experiences to offstage, a subject of comparison to real life endeavor towards ambition and how we are being held back because we are missing something—we forgot to take these pills.

If we are cowards at their mocks, criticism and disapproval, then we’ll never make it. Be brave enough to take MCD, and never avoid them. They’re hard-to-swallow pills but it guarantees you a lifetime source of strength by putting pressure on your coal ’til you are diamond. Eventually, you will become invulnerable of MCD after taking the right MCD dosage—immune to them.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

They would have side effects though: slight diminish of confidence and a self-doubting phase. But it would be important in “measurement of determination” on something you really desire. It’s not only a lifetime source of strength but it is a test of strength. The thing is, if you are really passionate on the goal, you don’t mind the side effects of MCD. If it bothers you more not doing the task for a goal than being crushed by MCD, then it’s an indicator that your dream is worth fighting for. You’re on the right track. You’re on the right dream. If so, you take more of these pills and when you take more, you will become more and more insusceptible, until you’re just unstoppable.

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